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Access to our unique support Hubs containing a range of specialist and focused resources to
support and develop you alongside your learning. Free to all our Students

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Access to our unique support Hubs containing a range of specialist and At SCIBN, we are committed to ensuring we deliver the educational and social experience you deserve. Our programmes are not just about qualifications. We look to develop you as a person with personal skills and self-belief to catapult you onto your chosen career path. The overall student experience is our top priority. That’s why we’ve created support resource Hubs to enrich your experience. We currently have 7 support Hubs: Wellness, Career, Buddy, Resource, Study, Personal Development & Fitness.
When you learn with us, you get unlimited access to our support Hubs: a range of specialist and focused resources to support and develop you alongside your learning. For example, there are wellness resources, fitness and career development resources. There are short courses such as “Make Yourself Memorable” and “Work Life Balance”. Our Hubs are updated regularly, so you can trust you will have the latest and most relevant advice on any given topic. Our Hubs are free to all our students.

Supporting student mental

Together, we aim to ensure that your welfare is well taken care of whilst learning with SCIBN. We value you as an individual and aim to be a source of guidance and advice.
At SCIBN, we know it is important to have a healthy work/life balance to unlock your full potential. Our Wellness Hub includes a range of articles, guides and short courses in areas such as:
  • Work/life balance
  • Mental wellbeing support
  • Mindfulness & relaxation

Take control of your career
and stand out to employers

At SCIBN, we want to help you achieve your dream career by providing as much guidance and direction as possible. We will offer career advice for students alongside delivering a high-quality education.
Our Career Hub consists of tips and advice on career development, such as CV writing and interview skills. Plan and develop your career options and improve your marketability with:
  • Interview & job preparation skills
  • CV writing tips
  • Psychometric tests
  • Job Board

Make friends around the world

Our Buddy Hub allows you to connect, chat and befriend fellow students from around the world. Get involved with our global community here:
  • Forums per course where you can interact with each other
  • Exchange ideas
  • Share resources
  • Motivate & inspire
  • Explore a range of cultures and backgrounds

Have access to premium

Our Resource Hub is where all additional learning and support resources can be found. We offer effective learning resources to our students to enhance their learning:
  • Previous webinars
  • FAQ Library
  • eBook supplements
  • Resource postings

Unlimited tutor support

The Study Hub is the primary delivery hub for all learning materials and support. Learning from home doesn’t mean that you are on your own – you have unlimited tutor support. Access all course materials and assignments here:
  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Access webinars & live weekly lectures
  • Modular materials
  • Chat Room

Have a personal vision of
the future

Personal development is a vital part of an individual’s growth and progression. Our Personal Development Hub can help to boost your confidence and become more effective at work and in life. Focuses on areas such as:
  • Interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Personal success
  • Share resources
  • A full “Make Yourself Memorable” programme

Exclusive discounts for

Our Discount Hub gives you free access to pirkx (exclusive benefits and services to improve and support your wellbeing) and TOTUM (UK`s #1 student discount card and app!).
  • Offers on food and essentials, tech, travel, fashion, beauty and many more.
  • Access a huge range of resources which support mental and physical wellbeing, financial wellbeing.

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